The worst thing to happen to your beloved fur is damage that can be caused from moths or other insects from improper storage. Moths are capable of causing irreversible damage to a fur or cashmere coat. It can take a short amount of time for damage to be done once the fur is infiltrated by moths. They easily get in to closets, basements, and hope chests.

Once inside your fur, small holes are created. Moths actually burrow into fur and are capable of removing whole pieces of fur.
Damage can be devastating. If a hole is small enough it can be repaired; otherwise, entire skins have to be replaced. When attempting to protect your fur it is advised not to use moth balls. Moth balls have a very distinct odor that adheres to fur or cashmere. The odor can become so bad that coats must be cleaned multiple times to remove the smell. In some cases fur must spend several months in an ozone room to properly remove the odor. The damage of moth balls can be as costly as damage caused by moths or insects.

To protect your treasure it is important to use proper storage, preferably a furriers vault. This not only will protect your fur but also save you the cost and hassle of a damaged fur. Call us at 810-771-4563 if you have any questions or would like us to store your fur for you in a safe place free from pests that may damage your beautiful fur coat.

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